How To Use A Shampoo Bar? (The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need)

If you already are on the side of natural cosmetics – you have probably tried or want to try a shampoo bar and wonder: how to actually use a shampoo bar Well, you are in the right place, we will tell you everything you need to know about it. Let’s say you have been searching for alternatives that have zero negative impact on the planet and help you care for your beauty in an organic way. And you’ve found it! The solid shampoo bar everyone was raving about. You know its magic powers of pumping your hair up with nutritious ingredients and being surprisingly long-lasting. You are also excited about lifting your hair care routine to the next level because this shampoo gives your hair an amazing therapy. It doesn’t have silicons, parabens,

preservatives, colourants and sulfates – it’s so free of the things that leave your hair dry and damaged. You are basically unlocking your hair’s true potential, as it finally has the opportunity to shine without any harmful ingredients. Now what? Let us guide you through how you can finally apply this shampoo bar to your hair. First things first:

1. The shampoo bar is not a soap

 – be careful to read the labels. Oftentimes shampoo bars are confused with soaps. Well, they look a lot alike from a distance! But the difference is that shampoo bars are made from plant-based ingredients with a balanced Ph 5.5. Most soaps have Ph 9 or higher, so it’s very dangerous for the hair’s health. Just make sure you are really using a shampoo bar and not a soap. Click here to find your perfect shampoo bar in our shop.

2. Make sure the water is not too hot.

A part of knowing how to take great care of your hair is to pay attention to the water you are using. If your goal is to have healthy and glowing hair, you should make sure that the water is not too hot, the lukewarm temperature will do a great job. Therefore, the products you use will have a more beneficial effect on your beautiful hair.

3. Wet your hair and brush the shampoo bar over them.

 One of the techniques you can use is to put the solid shampoo bar directly onto your hair. Imagine that you are combing your hair from the roots to the end. Do this a few times until you notice a thick foam. Then put the bar away and massage the foam into the scalp and hair. You can use circular motions while massaging, thus energizing your hair follicles and circulation to encourage hair growth. After you finish, rinse your hair thoroughly – it’s important! Don´t leave any of the shampoo on your hair.

4. Massage the shampoo bar between your palms and transfer the foam onto your hair.

This is another great way to use a shampoo bar. You are doing the same thing, but firstly you are making a foam between your hands, not directly onto your hair. Do a massage, treat your hair to a nice little ritual and afterwards –  rinse very thoroughly.

Experiment with both ways to see what works best for you. The most important thing is to be gentle with your hair, choose the right temperature, and softly massage the shampoo bar’s foam into your hair. Then use a lot of water to rinse what’s left away.

We hope this guide on how to use a shampoo bar has helped you! Ask if you have any questions, and we will be happy to answer!

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